Minggu, 17 Maret 2013


finally, this is the climax of my teeth's matter. this is even worse than when I had set up orthodontic braces in my jaws few years ago. my last molar is growing up terribly. although everyone would say the same. but it just a pain i couldn't bear. when i had brackets on my teeth. there's just slight pain when dentist inject our gum with anesthetic serum to pull my 4 teeth out of my jaw. then i have to endure a month severe sore of tightening bracket curbed my jaws. its like an electrocution everytime your teeth made contact with any extraneous object. but i dare myself. this i prove by eating  steam corn. finally, i enjoy my self having dental braces. this even made me more photogenic. haha

back to molar problem, it's different. it's totally not good looking at all. you can find yourself as violent's victim since your cheek swollen like bomb to explode. people will say " your cheek have been similar to bakpao before, i can't imagine your face blowing up so big" then i'm contemplating what I've been through is all about nuisance that affect my outer appearance. maybe Allah wants to reminds me that outer apperance is nothing compare to soul, mind, and belief. and this is relly slap me right on my face. i always worry why acne exist, why i can't grow higher and thinner. i shlud be thankful what He gave to me. many people couldn't live their life normally. i do.

i've been experienced many times of molar growth, not as much as this pain. maybe last but not least. then i think, it would be better if i have to run into some broken heart than broken teeth, unlike song told us :I

Senin, 04 Maret 2013

Sebatas Gambar

i wonder how i look with this dress fits in my body :O no more tendencious reason :p

Food Catalogue

People has their own way to healing their body and soul. and me? i will always love cooking. it's alike yoga or meditation for others. haha, though with more sweat and creativity. like Indonesian proverb saying, Tak kenal maka tak sayang. i start to be introduced with this kind of art by my mother. i can say she was born to be satisfying others. with the low middle and hard working past background, she always outs her best in everything she's done, including cook. she had ever feel so lack in food, therefor, she don't wanna her familiy experience the same. i always put eyes on the way she shops in market. how she look for the freshness of fish, the smell, the colour of gill noticing how long it died since caught by fisherman. and here it is the unique of market. you will have the habitual seller that provide reasonable price lower than other seller. they will think if buyer become loyal, they will come to you frequently and believe you so much. 

and... this it i'm inherited the superior genes! haha... i mean it's enough time to me to observe the method of cooking of hers. alhamdulillaaaaah little by little it works! both kinds of food eventually made by mother or my own creation based on googling for the receipt. and here we come, some kinds of food i've made. hopefully, it will be your inspiration. again, substance over form. but better the look, better the taste :D

1. Steam Sea Crab
 though i actually didn't make any effort to this, i still amaze with its taste. you don't need to be busy make it into complicated food with bunch of herbs and spice. they even ruin the taste itself.this is not an usual crab. this is a sea crab, or in Pati called Rajungan. the taste is so sweet and tempting that you just have to place it in a steamer for a while to cook. hmmm you can try. but if you succeed to find this resources, cause it's rare enough in every market. 

2. Crispy Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce
i try it out based on the receipt form internet. it's simple and i think everyone can make it. the taste is sweet, sour, at the same time. for more healthy consumption, you can add as vegetable as much as you can like carrot, baby corn, caulifower, and many more. then it will be similar to capcay, chicken capcay. fit for you lunch. tasteful and spicy :D

3. Milk Pie
according to the info, this is the typical food of Bali. you can bring it as a souvenir when you visit Bali. only a word colud describe it: Melting! though it's covered by crispy pie skin you can still feel the original taste of milk flowing on your throat (lil too much :p) sweet, smooth, and creamy! good for snack, and tea partner :D and it simple after all :)

 4. Klepooon
one of traditional food in Indonesia. made of Sticky rice flour, java sugar, water, and natural dye. it's melting inside, chewy outside. it is made as simple as east it :9. since i place it in love shape plastic, i named it klepon cinta. haha

5. Sweet suffed bread
no worry if you want to eat bread, but no bakery is open. you can make it by yourself. yet for this snack, you have to be patient a little longer. cause it needs effort to knead the dough till dull and then fermentate it at least one hour. but l'effort est ma force, everything ends beautifully if you put a hard work. :)

6. Crispy Fried Banana
it just simple snack, fried banana with little improvisation. i make a little effort to make crispy cover by rice and cassava flour that is called kremes :9

7. Chocochip Muffin
you don't need mixer, blender, or anything unless oven. just stir up for a while of flour, chocolate, eggs, sugar, chocochip, and voila, this is it! legit muffin is ready to serve :D

8. Spicy Rice with banaana leaf covered Steam fish
nice combination for your frash and grat lunch :) it's not as difficult as you think. just be thorough with the ingredients and you have to obey the steps carefully. so spicy! :D

9. Bechamel sauced macharoni
since i'm introduced italian food by mi sister who often cook it to fulfill her family Western food preference, i start to addict it. though i can't eat as much as local food. i love the creamy and tempting taste. aaah it's because of the choice of sauce, consist of a lot of milk, cheese, cream. hmmm

10. Grilled Macharoni
another variety of Macharoni. it bulid tense and tough texture altough still melted with mozarella cheese :9

11. Spaghetti Bolognaise
this is the origin of pasta! ( ithink) i know pasta for the first time with this appearance. for hot and spicy lover, it will be your first priority. the sauce made by tomate pure and chili sauce combined by oregane, basil and onion give you great impression (i'm good at big mouthing :p)

actually, i have many more food creation. unfortunately, i can't reach the footage, seems i'm more low to date than instagram people who even has instagram album in their facebook profile. haha *no offense* for receipt feel free to connect with me. i'll tell you and we can share each other
pray for more creative mind of mine. yeah! :)


it's more than 4 months away from official burdened life. i assume campus life is burdened life. burden makes us work harder. i choose to stay at home . believing that it will reimburse my precious family time in advance. then it will make you feel less guilty to miss every moment. moreover, i am being sincere to walk through the world.

now, it's even harder to imagine that one day i will be separated with family. run on my own path, find my destiny and future. though there always be them in other ways. it's just not enough. am i being spoiled? maybe. am i being so dependant? probably. all i know that for twenty one year I can't take my eyes off them. other concern when you have to stand by yourself in very remote place that no one ever know you yet. seems like a nightmare.

everytime it just pulled out of mind to take a detour for my career. even if the worst condition told me to emigrates to another island, maybe that's time to make a choice. and most probably i will quit and , unless it's just for short term duty tour. yet it will be along with my earlier resolution; take a joyful traveling as much as you can as you are still young, wild, and free. cause it won't ever happen twice on your life with the same impression.

i wish i were The Finance Minister of Indonesian Republic. everything just turns out as simple as people think. STAN is the most potential human resources this country has ever had. give them a chance, and let the future brings Indonesia to the brighter side. there have been a lot of proof much more than the traitors. just place them on the bottom spot, then they will reach the top on their own. since then, this will be a natural selection. tougher, smarter, harder the person is, higher the position they get. on the other hand, people who just want to stay at the safe zone will be there forever. no more encouragement and improvement. and no more delay and cancellation just for tendencious excuses.

or i wish i were The Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reforms of Indonesian Republic. ehm.... it's more complicated since the burden of APBN getting higher, unbalancing with the demand of human resources in all of department and institution. so i will decide to make detail calculation which institution that needs  few employee with certain qualification, and which needs a lot but various skill and high determination. 
what i wanna say after all is please place right man in the right place. i don't expect for our honor minister to get another job by reviewing profile of more than 3000 graduator one by one. just wanna hope that there is another consideration for all skill and competency that will be wasted. 

i am enjoying this time very much. yet consuming info from my fellas about our placement, it just another issue above another issue that makes us more anxious and speculate all the time. just wanna need a assurance from the authority when, where, how our placement undergo. sooner, better. and hopefully, let person lead their choice if possible. aaah i wish.

maybe it's our destiny to bonding with the duty contract. but one day, i wanna break it and apply for central bank spot. aamiiin. this is my real intention. sorry for making you my steprock. and when i'm getting older. time to retire and make a lot of memories with family. thus i will establish a catering or cafe business that doesn't need me to work like a labor, from 7 am till 9 pm. hey, world is too beautiful to live like that. being a great traveller along besides husband and children and family all the time :)
there still a long way to go. i hope i can make it. someday. aamiin :))