Minggu, 10 Februari 2013

what's becoming my rights?

now i'll stuck in the middle of people i love most, i care so much, and i belong to. yet this days, they 're becoming lil bit annoying when they start talk about future. not the part of future where i will apply to, moreover it's around establish new line of heir, aka marriage. it's fine if it's just chit chat and joking around me. but it's getting heighten up when one of my family, that is my brother in law joke over the line by throwing up the candidate issue. he always urges me to get married. errr... actually it's not bad advice anyways. but the way of telling me to is rather loathing. knowing the truth that some of my college friends have done completing half of dien. around 5-8 fellas in my lift are so brave deciding their most important thing in their life, imho. and salute for them.

 in simple term, is a kind of way to legalize a relationship between man and woman. yet, it's not that shallow. this belief implicitly tells people can accomodate their lust freely. in this point of view, how low people get their presume is ? Islam  marriage is a noble way to lift up woman's degree into blessful wife. not marriage is also a d. Marriage is devotion of Allah's pleasure from parents into husband's possesion. parents willy nilly takes off ther duties on us. it's a fact we couldn't avoid.  in this understanding point, that's why they give the best to get someone best for us so that they won't regret, we won't regret. actually when it's dramatizing,